Lewis Branch: ‘Searching’

Get Inside The Music recently spoke to Lewis Branch about the release of his new single, ‘Searching’.

GITM: Your new single is called ‘Searching’. What’s the inspiration behind the song? Is it based on personal experiences?

Lewis: The song is about finding true love, and it’s really vulnerable and about me opening up really. It’s not based on a real life experience, I wrote it a long time ago before I met my current partner. I went back to the song (after so long) and I really liked it. I do a lot of sad songs and it really fit how I felt in that moment and I just felt like recording it.

GITM: Is Searching part of an EP or Album or is it a stand-alone single?

Lewis: It’s just a stand-alone single. I don’t have any plans for it to turn into, or be a part of, an extended project.

GITM: What kind of songwriter are you? Are you able to just sit down and write a song or is it something you have to be in a particular kind of mood to do?

Lewis: Bit of both really. A lot of times when I write a song I do it to get out a certain emotion, so if I’m angry, sad or just had an argument with someone then that is is usually when I would actually write a song. I find it’s a really good way of expressing my emotions. It’s a way of getting over it. A lot of my songs have a sad undertone, like me sort of getting over something.

But I also like to think of certain topics, such as “How would I feel if someone cheated on me? Or how would I feel if this happened or that happened?” and then I’d try to write a song about that. I like to do that as well.

Sometimes as well I can literally be inspired by just a single word, which sounds really random but like the word ‘Searching’, I’ll think what the different meanings of that could be and then brainstorm ideas and see what happens

GITM: How are you finding recording whilst in lockdown? Are you doing the majority of it at home or are you able to get into the studio?

Lewis: I was really lucky with ‘Searching’ in that I got to record it when there was that small period of time when lockdown ended and we was allowed to go outside for a bit. I was fortunate enough to make it to London a couple of days before the 2nd lockdown began and I recorded ‘Searching’. I also recorded an acoustic EP at the same time. I managed to get it all done really quickly.

I have also recorded a couple of things at home and I sent those to a producer. But obviously, going into a studio environment with other people was really helpful, so I got lucky that just before another lockdown happened I managed to get it all done.

GITM: Do you have a set-up at home that you use for recording then?

Lewis: Yeah, I have my own mic, keyboard and guitar and everything. At the moment I’m not the best at production. It is something I’m trying to get better at but it’s something that takes a lot of time to learn. I do work with a producer to mix and master everything for me. But I do have my home set-up so maybe one day I’ll be able to make music by myself someday

GITM: What’s the reaction been like for Searching? Has it been well received by fans?

Lewis: It’s been pretty well received. I’d say it’s been quite gradual if that makes sense? Normally when I release music I’d have gigs to play the new material at and I’m able to push it a lot more. Because all of that side has been shut down it’s been a lot harder to get the new song in front of people. The listeners are there, it’s just that they’re going up a lot more gradually as I’m having to promote the song more on social media.

But all the feedback has been really positive and everyone seems to like it. I was really nervous about this song as I normally do upbeat, electronic pop songs. But this one is just me with an acoustic guitar and it has a string section as well, so with it being such a stripped back track I was worried everyone was going to hate it but it’s had a really positive reaction so far.

GITM: Who is the first person you play a new song for? Do you have someone who you go to get their opinion on a new song before you release it?

Lewis: I always play my music to my mum, she always likes it so it’s a good place to start. I know if I’m feeling bad about something, I’ll play it for my mum and she’ll like it. I play it for my boyfriend as well because he’s always very honest. So I go to my mum to feel good and then I go to my boyfriend for his honest opinion.

GITM: Do you find that him and your mum differ in their opinion on things?

Lewis: Definitely! My mum likes everything I do, no matter what. But my boyfriend will listen to my songs and he’ll say “Why don’t you do this bit like this?” or “Try this, this and this” which isn’t always easy to hear. You want them to say it’s amazing, but after he’s said it I’ll listen back to it and I can see what he’s saying. You need the negative (feedback) so you can then sit back and hear what’s wrong with your music. Especially if you’ve already spent a really long time listening to it, so it’s really good for me to always get his opinion.

GITM: What’s next after Searching? Do you have anything new in the pipeline?

Lewis: I have a few things that I’m looking at making, depending on whether or not I can get to London to record them. But I’m a bit between things at the moment, I’m not sure which direction I’m going to go in. Obviously with ‘Searching’ it’s a lot more stripped back and vulnerable and I have another track that is sort of similar and it would just be me and a piano maybe.

I’ve also written a bunch of tracks that are more summery and I’m trying to decide whether with coming out of lockdown, people are going to want things more upbeat and happy to listen to, or if I should carry on with the more soulful side of things. Either way I will have something coming out, I just need to decide on the direction.

‘Searching’ by Lewis Branch is out now and available on all digital music platforms.

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