‘Fractures’ – the debut single from CLKWRK is out now

CLKWRK is a band that exists with a mantra: combining blues and rock with electronic music by creating every sound – electronic and organic – themselves, live.

Every synth and every electronic sound created on the fly with guitars, live electronic drums and effects. No laptops, no sequences, no pre-recorded parts, no exceptions. Humans imitating machines.

The journey to be able to release this music to the world has been a long one though. Over two years of exploring sounds, writing music, recording songs and discovering their musical identity, CLKWRK are finally there with their debut single, ‘Fractures’.

This song is the start of a lengthy undertaking. ‘Fractures’ marks the first of six months of new music. Every single month the band will drop something new produced by themselves and mixed by Chris Coulter, with music videos, imagery and new releases underpinning every monthly release.

Not only this, but the band will springboard off of this into a support tour with Electric Six in November and December, playing in O2 Academy sized venues up and down the country, bringing this mantra to live audiences all across the UK.

CLKRAK, hailing from Stoke-on-Trent and made up of: Nick Pilgrim, Adam Broadhurst & Danny Higgins, says that ‘Fractures’ is about that feeling we’ve all had before – when we’re feeling at our most tender and every syllable of a word can cut deeper than we ever imagined. Sticks and stones can absolutely break our bones, but words can break us as people.

On the song, the band say: “The song itself is one of the six we’re releasing over the next six months. After spending a year hunting around for a producer who could capture the sound we were looking for, we decided to go about creating these sounds ourselves, tracking down one of our favourite mix engineers in the UK, Chris Coulter, having fallen in love with his work with Arcane Roots, Jamie Lenman and his work recording for Boss’ synth pedal adverts, you can imagine why this jumped out at us (for him) to mix the tracks for us”.

You can follow the band on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

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